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Creating A Culture That Values Employee Health: Promoting A Healthy Working Environment Adds Value To A Business

Your business is in many ways a machine. And your employees are the parts that make that machine go. As a business owner you want to keep your company as healthy as possible. But the health of the company doesn’t just involve the finances, customers, and suppliers it involves your employees. Their health is just as important as any other aspect of the business is. In fact it is far more important because we’re talking about the health of people.

The Situation At Many Companies

Many organizations though seem to strive for as much productivity as they can achieve without taking into account the welfare of its employees. With high stress environments, long hours, and little time to relax working is one of the worst enemies a person can have in terms of staying healthy. But as a business owner you have the chance to right this wrong at least in your own organization.

Some Possibilities To Create A Healthy Environment

So what are some of the ways that you can provide your employees with a healthy work environment? The first thing you should be doing is working to create such an environment. To do that means providing for and encouraging healthy behavior from your employees. No smoking policies, maternity/paternity leave, flex time, and vending machines that provide only healthy snacks are just a few ways this can be done. In addition proper vacation time and making sure employees take it can help keep the stress level down.

Physical Activity In The Workplace

Physical activity in the workplace should be encouraged. Many small businesses can’t afford to put in their own gyms but having a company softball team or participating in other forms of organized sports can provide that much needed break while at the same time fostering a spirit of teamwork. Having the occasional sports day with a barbeque cookout and activities for the whole family can also have the same effect.

You Need To Take The Lead

Take the lead in such pursuits. Being a cheerleader for such things does you and your company no good. You’re their leader so lead. Sponsoring gym memberships at a nearby fitness club can be used as an effective employee benefit. Encourage people to spend some time each week there. And make sure you go as well. That way when they see you they will know that you’re serious about it all. Go as a group. Often you will see the creative juices flow as people begin to loosen up.

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Ask Your Employees For Ideas

Besides leading them in such adventures in fitness you need to ask them what ideas they might have. They will probably surprise you by how many things that they would like to do but did not feel comfortable mentioning. Remember you’re doing this for them as well as yourself. Creating a culture that strives to be physically healthy also can provide the added benefit of building a less stressful work environment overall. There is absolutely no reason that your work environment needs to be an unhealthy one. So don’t let it be.